Sector Scholarships

Downloadable BookThe organization has created scholarships in seven areas identified as growth sectors for the economies of both Martin County and the state of Florida. The sectors are alternative energy, life sciences and health sciences, information technology and digital media, environmental sciences, education, finance, and the arts.
Qualified students pursuing higher education in any of the seven specific areas will be eligible for the scholarships starting in 2011, with applications due in the fall of 2010. “The community needs its young people to become educated in these fields, to come back and work locally, and to take leadership positions in our community,” according to Judith Weber, President of Nina Haven Scholarships.
Download a copy of the Nina Haven Sector Scholarships "Creating the Future" book.

2017 Winners

Dr. Nicolas Brown, Nina Haven Scholarships Inc. Treasurer, awarded the Marjorie S. Peters Sector Scholarship in Education to Nina Haven scholar Sheana Ward. Sheana, graduating from Clark Advanced Learning Center, will attend University of Florida.

Dr. Nicolas Brown, Treasurer for Nina Haven Scholarships Inc. and a former recipient of a Nina Haven scholarship, awards the Frances Langford Sector Scholarship in the Arts to graduating senior Blake Schmalz who will be attending the University of Central Florida.