About Our Scholarships

“Education: a debt due from present to future generations.”
– George Peabody

Nina Haven Scholarships, Inc. gives scholarships to Martin County high school graduates who are continuing their education at a two-year or four-year school. Scholars are eligible to receive up to a $3,500-a-year scholarship and students may receive as much as $14,000 towards their education.
Criteria for selection is based upon need, academic ability and character. Need is established every year by the pool of applicants. Financial information is reviewed, along with grades, test scores, subject difficulty and, in general, academic readiness for the college level.
The committee reviews each student's unique history as written in an essay which is part of the NHS application requirements. Extra curricular activities, employment history, family situations, the student's handling of the myriad tasks for which they are responsible—all are specifically reviewed. Along with maturity and judgment, the NHS specifically appraises a student's ability to establish goals, set priorities and formulate a realistic educational plan.
Scholarship application forms are available every year beginning on October 1 from guidance counselors in all Martin County high schools.
Applications are reviewed by the NHS board in mid-December and students are selected to be interviewed. Interviews are held in February and the award winners’ names are submitted to the guidance offices by March 1. The scholarship recipients are announced at each school’s awards night, held during the month of April.