2017 Current Scholars

Our 2017 Recipients: Hannah Chenoweth, Bailey Collins, Valentina Delgado, Persis Desai, Kendarly Duperat, Jonathan Fowler, Destiny Graves, Ramar Huntley, Lema Hussein, Lacey Lingelbach, Krista Messer, Stefanie Pineda Mijares, Marylin Milewski, Heidi Neff, Derrika Reed, Alyssa Rich, Blake Schmalz, Briana Sims, Hannah Viscount, Sheana Ward, Brittany Weil, Lindsay Wiley

Our keynote speaker for the 2017 Circle of Scholars event was Marlon Carias, CEO of Interstate Title Solutions, Inc. He gave a moving speech to our scholars about having tenacity and making good choices for their futures.