Nina Haven Scholarships, Inc. (NHS) was established in 1953 by Nina Haven’s son, education advocate Stephen Peabody, and two of his attorney friends from New York. They were the original directors of NHS. Formerly a resident of Massachusetts, Peabody moved to Stuart, Florida after visiting the area for a number of years.

Martin County resident Evans Crary, Jr. joined NHS two years later, along with Paul Tenney. Crary was a city judge at the time and Tenney was a retired State Department officer.

Peabody died in 1963, leaving his entire estate to NHS. It included a house and acreage in Nantucket, which were donated to the University of Massachusetts to use for research. The remainder of the estate was sold and invested, resulting in the Nina Haven Scholarships, Inc.  Nina Haven academic scholarships have assisted over 1,000 students.

Nina Haven Scholarships Inc. awards scholarships to Martin County high school graduates who are continuing their education at a four-year school. Scholars are eligible to receive up to a $3,500-a-year scholarship and students may receive as much as $14,000 towards their education.

Nina Haven Scholarships, Inc. was the first in awarding scholarships to Murray High School, which was all African-American before Martin Country schools were integrated. Today, NHS continues to embrace diversity.


Nina Haven Scholarships, Inc. is governed by an all-volunteer board.