Growth Sector Scholarships

In addition to the primary scholarships we provide in all courses of study, Nina Haven Scholarships also offers scholarships in seven specific areas. These “sector scholarships” were created to promote the growth sectors of the Martin County and Florida economies. Our hope is that sector students gain an education in these areas, then come home to work and take on leadership positions in our community.
Sector scholarships are available for qualified students pursuing higher education in:
  • Alternative energy
  • Life sciences & health sciences
  • Information technology & digital media
  • Environmental sciences
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Arts
Applications are available in the fall and are due in December of the year prior to the graduation year.
We encourage companies in these industries to consider sponsoring scholarships and offering internships to NHS sector students. These potential long-term relationships pair businesses with top-notch candidates focused on their industry.
For more information, contact:
Tracey Etelson, Executive Director
You can also learn more by reading “Creating the Future.